AIRGO : new concept of Pneumatic Hammers

MAC3 presents AIRGO, the only hammer that combines high comfort and high efficiency

MAC3 patented a new technology providing AIRGO with fixed handless while guaranteeing an extremely low 3-axis vibration level : less than 5 m/s2

AIRGO is a concrete response to fight effectively against musculoskeletal disorders (MSD)

Innovating handle:

  • Fixed handles with significant reduction in vibration
  • Hand guard
  • Double trigger pneumatic safety

Slender cylinder and handle:

  • Better view of the working area
  • More comfortable working posture

AIRGO ensures unmatched performances

Powerful and comfortable

AIRGO allows an impact power and a vibration level unreachable by its pneumatic or electric competitors.

Low compressed air consumer

AIRGO uses at least 30% less compressed air than its competitors !

Doesn't need additional lubrication

AIRGO boasts a unique design with optimum heat treatment on cylinder.

Easy to use and maintain

AIRGO is the most ergonomic in its class.

AIRGO contains on average 40% fewer parts than its competitors.

Download now AIRGO's launching flyer

AIRGO's launching flyer
FLYER AIRGO EN 2015-10.pdf
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