5 tips for coping with the heat wave on construction sites

The jobs on construction sites are among the most difficult and dangerous when a heat wave hits France! 


MAC3 is aware of this problem.


We therefore offer you 5 tips to apply in order to continue working safely.

  • Stay hydrated

We repeat it but hydration is very important! 


When you do a physical activity, it’s a minimum of 2 liters of water per day and not 1 liter less!


It is important to drink even before thirst:)


Tip: Provide an insulated container and a cooler to keep the water cool.

  • Wear appropriate clothing

It is important to protect your body from the sun. ☀️


For this you can opt for wide clothing that will allow you to be comfortable but not too much so you do not hang the garment.


We also recommend light colored cotton clothes, light clothes attract much less heat than dark ones!


Finally, it is important to protect yourself from sunstrokes by protecting your head with a cap or helmet! 


Tip: There are protective caps to protect you on the job site. 


You can find some on this link: 


  • Adjust your diet

Even if it is hot and can reduce hunger, it is important to eat enough!


Indeed, it is necessary to favor cold and salty dishes. In order to compensate for our elimination of mineral salts!

  • Protect your skin

We don’t always think about it...


But it is important to protect your skin with sunscreen to avoid sunburn as much as possible.



  • Getting away from heat sources

Finally, we advise you to stay away from heat sources!


Especially mobile compressors that can be a source of heat.


Pay attention to yourself and others:)

Heat waves are never easy on construction sites! Together, let’s try to make these moments more bearable.