5 tips for coping with the heat wave on construction sites
News · 02. août 2022
MAC3 presents 5 tips for dealing with the heat wave on construction sites! ☀️

World Health Day 2022
News · 07. avril 2022
This Thursday, April 7, we celebrate World Health Day 👩‍⚕️ MAC3 is committed to developing solutions that respect professionals who use our tools on a daily basis. Discover in this article 3 of our products listed in our "Caring for people" policy.

The integrated aftercooler available on compressors from 2000 to 3000 liters MAC3
News · 17. novembre 2021
The integrated compressed air aftercooler prevents your mobile construction compressor from producing air loaded with water molecules. It operates a treatment of the air in order on the one hand to cool it, allowing the transformation of the vapor into liquid (role of the exchanger), then to capture this water (role of the centrifugal water separator) and of the 'extract from the air circuit.

The new MAC3 + series : the best industrial compressors
News · 28. octobre 2021
The + range are PREMIUM machines, with a high-end finish and the latest technologies in compressed air production. The industrial compressors of this new range offer a higher air flow than standard machines. These machines also benefit from a brand new cooling system, which is more efficient and more durable.

Demolition, construction and dust, what you need to know
News · 30. juin 2021
Since October 2020, respirable crystalline silica dust has been added to the list of carcinogens. This type of dust is present in a natural state in many rocks (sandstone, granite, sand, etc.) and therefore in many processed products: breakers, mortars, facade coating, etc. In 2019, MAC3 anticipated this health issue by developing a vacuum dust trapper system directly linked to the demolition tool.

New MSP5000 Stage V compressor
News · 15. avril 2021
MAC3 is following the regulatory trend with its new MSP5000 compressor, delivering 5,000 liters at 7 bar, equipped with a Stage V engine and meeting the antipollution standards in force. While on the outside, this new MSP5000 looks like the old one in every way, it nevertheless has some innovations which have been the subject of many months of development by our R&D teams and contains many changes!

New MAC3 MSS range of oil-free scroll compressors
News · 02. février 2021
MAC3 is pleased to announce the introduction of our industrial MSS series, based on oil-free scroll compression technology. This new series allows to meet many applications that require a totally oil-free air quality. Compressors that do not use any oil during the compression process help to avoid any risk of contamination in manufacturing processes.

News · 25. novembre 2020
With its experience in industrial compressed air, MAC3 is expanding its offer by offering turnkey industrial engineering solutions. MAC3 can thus carry out industrial engineering projects for different applications: complete mobile compressed air installation, autonomous nitrogen production unit, autonomous oxygen production unit, autonomous projection unit.

News · 21. octobre 2020
In addition to its performance, the MSP1300 is a compressor that is simple and safe to handle! Manufactured by us in our workshops in France, this compressor is now available for sale.

News · 30. septembre 2020
The combination of this latest MAC3 compressor with the performance of MAC3 pneumatic tools makes this package the most efficient and economical overall solution on the market! Manufactured by us in our workshops in France, this compressor is now available for sale. Contact your correspondent for any information request!

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