News · 10. octobre 2019
La Vallee des Saints includes nearly 130 sculptures all made with the precious help of compressed air and a very special installation: an industrial compressor MSD-V 75 which supplies the pneumatic tools used by the sculptors.

News · 10. septembre 2019
To complete its offer dedicated to construction and public works, MAC3 have developed a specific range for splash work: sandblasting, roughcasting, air pick. These products are designed for professionals, adapted to allow users to easily perform the tasks of sandblasting, roughcasting or clearing and to the power of compressed air.

News · 03. septembre 2019
MAC3 is a brand with real expertise in industrial compressed air. Today, energy optimization is at the heart of MAC3's concerns, as evidenced by the "caring for the planet" approach, which has been dear to the company since it was founded. We propose a focus on an ingenious system, allowing to recover the available energy in the form of heat in an industrial compressor, via a heat exchanger.

News · 10. juillet 2019
Between MAC3 and PHILMAT, there is a commercial relationship that has lasted for several years. PHILMAT is specialized in the distribution of products for the building, the public works and the maintenance of the green spaces.

News · 02. juillet 2019
The range of MSP mobile compressors fits perfectly in this approach, by its design and its components, including the new Kubota Stage 5 engine, which now equips compressors from 2000 to 3000 l/min

News · 04. juin 2019
the Vacuum Dust Trapper (VDT), a dust vacuum cleaner operating only with compressed air and adaptable to all pneumatic hammers and breakers in the market.

News · 29. mai 2019
MAC3 has been developing innovative products, anticipating future needs and concerns. This ambition is reflected in two core values for the company: the "Caring for People" and "Caring for the Planet" processes.

News · 01. mai 2019
At the time of its conception, MAC3 was a new company, starting completely from scratch... Driven by the will, desire and competence of its leaders, as well as the skill-sets its fellow employees contributed, who all came to enrich the workforce of the company through the years.

News · 16. avril 2019
MAC3 took advantage of this show to unveil its latest innovative solutions for compressed air. This year, the company presented products designed in a "sustainable development" approach, being both environmentally friendly and ergonomic, for superior user ease of use and comfort.

News · 19. mars 2019
The BAUMA show will be an opportunity for MAC3 to affirm its commitment to respect the working conditions of compressed air users and their environment, without compromising performance.

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