News · 16. avril 2019
MAC3 took advantage of this show to unveil its latest innovative solutions for compressed air. This year, the company presented products designed in a "sustainable development" approach, being both environmentally friendly and ergonomic, for superior user ease of use and comfort.

News · 19. mars 2019
The BAUMA show will be an opportunity for MAC3 to affirm its commitment to respect the working conditions of compressed air users and their environment, without compromising performance.

News · 05. mars 2019
MAC3 provide you an immersion in its factory, where you will discover how a piece of metal becomes a high performance breaker or hammer.

News · 29. janvier 2019
MAC3 has developed a range of portable compressors recognized for its performance and ergonomics. The French company also wanted to offer fully customizable compressors, to meet all the needs of its users. From the aesthetics to the different configurations, MAC3 offers you a quick tour of the options of its range of MSP portable compressors.

News · 15. janvier 2019
MAC3 Inc, a subsidiary of MAC3, has been present in the United States since 2016. To reinforce its profile in this territory, MAC3 has decided to incorporate a new logo and redesign its website.

News · 18. décembre 2018
The PAC 3000 air pick is the latest MAC3 compressed air solution. Completing the range of pneumatic and projection tools, the tool meets a growing need in the field of excavation.

News · 31. octobre 2018
MAC3 is part of the 40 companies which has been selected by the European Union to participate at the "Contruction & Building Technologies" exhibition in Tokyo, Japan, from November 18 to 22, 2018. Selected among many candidates, MAC3 has distinguished itself by its dynamism in exportation and its international growth.

News · 25. octobre 2018
In addition to a comprehensive range of industrial compressors, MAC3 offers a range of electronic controllers for compressed air system management.

News · 20. septembre 2018
Still in the dynamics of the development of our international activity, we have selected for 2019 three international exhibitions reserved for construction and industry professionals. MAC3 will present its products and innovations during three major events.

News · 04. septembre 2018
French Fab refers to the entire French Industrial system, from the smallest to the largest companies. At MAC3, we recognize ourselves through the brand La French Fab, which embodies the companies and industrial sites located in France, and driven by the desire to develop French Industry.

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