EEC incentives - Variable speed compressors

June 10, 2020

The French government's CEE scheme, Certificats d'Économies d'Énergie (energy savings certificates), is a bonus program for companies making investments to reduce their energy consumption.

Compressed air production, MAC3's area of expertise, now accounts for more than 10% of industrial energy expenditure and is
eligible for several CEE:

  • IND-UT-102 : variable speed drive for compressor motor
  • IND-UT-103: compressor heat recovery
  • IND-UT-122: external heat absorption dryer
  • IND-UT-124: sequencer for multi-compressor rooms

The icing on the cake is that you can accumulate several CEE premiums for the same project!


MAC3 has product ranges covering all these solutions eligible for CEE incentives, and can call on a network of partner installers throughout France to support you in this process.
throughout the country to support you in this process.


In this second article, we introduce you to EWCs eligible for MAC3 solutions, and introduce you to variable-speed compressors.


Variable speed is a technology that is particularly well-suited to installations with wide variations incompressed air consumption. It automatically adaptscompressed air production to demand, while guaranteeing constant network pressure.


The main advantage of this category of compressors is their adaptability to a company's compressed air needs. This capacity enables energy savings of up to 35%, thanks to the elimination of idling.


The MAC3 range of variable-speed industrial compressors is also equipped with a LOGIKA electronic controller (like all MAC3 industrial compressors). This interface enables remote control of the compressor, as well as real-time monitoring ofcompressed air production and consumption.


MAC3 offers a wide range of variable-speed compressors to meet all compressed air production needs:



CEE incentives are therefore an excellent way to modernize your installations at lower cost, while making significant energy savings in both the short and long term.

Thanks to its expertise and its partners, MAC3 can help you study your project and put together your grant applications.