Since its start in 2011, MAC3 has been developing innovative products, anticipating future needs and concerns. This ambition is reflected in two core values for the company: the "Caring for People" and "Caring for the Planet" processes. These two approaches are at the heart of all the R&D projects initiated by MAC3 since its creation.

Caring for people approach

The "Caring for People Approach" dimension is very important when launching each new MAC3 project. The company is committed to creating products that improve working conditions on a daily basis.


The "Caring for People" approach is also applied in the operation of the company which favors the short circuit for its subcontractors in order to participate actively in the economic development of the territory. MAC3 is also investing in improving working conditions in its factory, for exemple the luminaires have recently been changed to provide better working comfort.

Caring for the planet approach

Sustainable development and energy savings are ubiquitous concerns at MAC3.


Beyond the technical characteristics on their own, MAC3 products are designed to have a long life and have a high rate of durability and reliability. MAC3 also favors high performance production circuits, thus limiting the carbon impact of the manufacturing of its products.