MAC3 Industry range

Lubricated screw compressors

MAC3 offers a wide range of industrial compressors, with many flow rates and several types of drives, to suit all needs. The compressor ranges are equipped with high-end components, ensuring performance and reliability.

  • Belt driven compressor
  • Direct drive compressor
  • Variable speed compressor


Oil-free industrial compressors meet many applications requiring compressed air quality that is totally oil-free:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food and beverage
  • Electronic components
  • Dental laboratories
  • High technologies and R&D
  • Water treatment


With several technologies, MAC3 dryers adapt to any problem. Selected for their performance and reliability, MAC3 dryers will find their place in your industrial installation.

  • Refrigerant dryers
  • Modular desiccant air dryers
  • Desiccant heatless dryers
  • External regeneration adsorption dryers

Engineering solutions

With its experience in industrial compressed airMAC3 is expanding its offer by offering turnkey engineering solutions. Thanks to its integrated design office, 3000 m2 of production area and an experienced team of technicians and engineers, MAC3 has all the resources to complete successfully your industrial project, from development to installation.

  • Full mobile installation
  • Autonomous nitrogen production unit
  • Autonomous oxygen production unit 
  • Self-contained projection unit