Compressed air solutions

construction range

  • Paving breakers
  • Pick hammers
  • AIRGO®Low vibration breakers
  • Air pick
  • Vacuum dust trapper
  • Portable compressors from 1000 to 5000 L/min
  • Sandblasting
  • Roughcasting tool

industry range

  • Industrial compressors
  • Oil-free industrial compressors
  • Dryers
  • Engineering solutions
  • 4.0 Industry

latest news

The integrated after cooler available on compressors from 2000 to 3000 liters MAC3

The integrated compressed air aftercooler prevents your mobile construction compressor from producing air loaded with water molecules. It operates a treatment of the air in order on the one hand to cool it, allowing the transformation of the vapor into liquid (role of the exchanger), then to capture this water (role of the centrifugal water separator) and of the 'extract from the air circuit.

The new MAC3 + series : the best industrial compressors

The + range are PREMIUM machines, with a high-end finish and the latest technologies in compressed air production. The industrial compressors of this new range offer a higher air flow than standard machines. These machines also benefit from a brand new cooling system, which is more efficient and more durable.

Demolition, construction and dust, what you need to know

Since October 2020, respirable crystalline silica dust has been added to the list of carcinogens. This type of dust is present in a natural state in many rocks (sandstone, granite, sand, etc.) and therefore in many processed products: breakers, mortars, facade coating, etc. In 2019, MAC3 anticipated this health issue by developing a vacuum dust trapper system directly linked to the demolition tool.