New Stage 5 engine for mobile compressors

 The development of more environmentally friendly products is a key concern for MAC3. Since its creation, the company has been working on a "Caring for the Planet" approach, promoting the short circuit or low energy consumption products.


The range of MSP mobile compressors fits perfectly in this approach, by its design and its components, including the new Kubota Stage 5 engine, which now equips compressors from 2000 to 3000 l/min (2.0 m3/min to 3.0 m3/min or 70 cfm to 105 cfm).

MAC3 mobile compressors equipped with stage 5 engines

Since the 1st January 2019, manufacturers of diesel engines for non-road applications have been subject to a new European regulation on greenhouse gas emissions, known as "Stage 5".


As this rule has been applicable since 01/01/2019, there is a transition period of 2-years to allow manufacturers to comply with this new obligation. It follows that the placing on the market of such products is only mandatory from 01/01/2021.

Kubota, engine supplier for the MSP mobile compressor range, has developed a new STAGE 5 Ready engine to meet this emission standard. This new engine offers, among other things, optimal performance while minimizing the discharge of CO2, nitrogen dioxide and diesel particles.


In line with its "Caring for the Planet" approach, MAC3 has decided to bring forward without delay the legal date of its range of MSP mobile compressors from 2000 to 3000 l/min to this new Kubota Stage V engine. Thanks to the faultless design of the MSP range, the new engine is fully integrated with the compressor, which allows to maintain the same levels of performance that have made the reputation of the MSP MAC3 range.

MSP, mobile reference compressors

In addition to the new engines that reduce the impact of MAC3 products on the environment, the MSP range has become a reference for the public works and construction sector thanks to its exclusive features:

  • Versatility: MSP mobile compressors are adaptable to all needs, they are available in skid or axle mount versions, and even on a trailer, which allows to have a 2 in 1 compressor thanks to its independent trailer.
  • Compactness: MSP mobile compressors have dimensions that make them the most compact in their class. Very easy to arrange in their skid version, they also have an optimized internal design for quick and easy access to maintenance components.
  • Ergonomics: thanks to a sophisticated and intelligent design, the MSP range offers an unparalleled ergonomics offering quick and easy maintenance of mobile compressors.
  • Performance: Superior quality components and intelligent design make MSP mobile compressors extremely efficient.

MSP STAGE V mobile compressors are already available to order, from 2000 to 3000 l/min, on axles, skids or trailers.