MAC3 splash range

To complete its offer dedicated to construction and public works, MAC3 have developed a specific range for splash work: sandblasting, roughcasting, air pick. These products are designed for professionals, adapted to allow users to easily perform the tasks of sandblasting, roughcasting or clearing… and all thanks to the power of compressed air. 


The MAC3 sandblaster is designed to strip all types of horizontal or vertical surfaces for:

  • Masonry renovation;
  • Facade renovation;
  • Painting clearance;
  • Rust removal and preparation of metal surfaces. 

Recognized for its efficiency and ease of use, the MAC3 sandblaster combines comfort, performance and safety.


The MAC3 roughcasting tool can be used in several applications:

  • Spraying;
  • Projection of primer;
  • Rustic roughcasting/rendering;
  • The grouting of stones.

Available in a wall or ceiling versions, the MAC3 roughcasting tool is marketed in a storage case set that includes all the accessories necessary for its good use. The composition of its hopper and stainless steel plates combine ease of maintenance with ease of use.

Air pick

The Air Pick (PAC) 3000 has been developed to provide an effective, ergonomic and secure response to experts in construction, landscaping, etc. The tool is designed to adapt to all situations on all terrains.


If you have to clear surfaces without damaging the elements around them (pipes, foundations, roots ...) the MAC3 air pick is the ideal tool to achieve this.

The many orientation features of the PAC 3000 will allow access in complex terrain configurations while maintaining ergonomic work for its users.

MAC3, technical solutions for all needs

At MAC3, we place our customers at the center of our product development process to best meet their needs and those of the marketplace.


Designing products that are easy to use, efficient and sustainable over time while optimizing the technical performance of the product is the objective that drives the MAC3 team every day!