Portable compressors : MSP customisation

MAC3 has developed a range of portable compressors recognized for its performance and ergonomics. The French company also wanted to offer fully customizable compressors, to meet all the needs of its users. From the aesthetics to the different configurations, MAC3 offers you a quick tour of the options of its range of MSP portable compressors.

Opt for a compressor in your colours

MAC3 portable compressors are primarily aesthetically customizable. With a color palette including all existing RAL, as well as the possibility to create specific colors on demand, MAC3 offers you the opportunity to acquire a portable compressor in the colors of your company.

Many options

What characterizes the MSP range is firstly its ergonomics and its compactness. These features enable MAC3 portable compressors to have a broad spectrum of use. In addition to these "standard" characteristics, additional options provide real added value to the compressor. Here is the summary :