The integrated aftercooler available on compressors from 2000 to 3000 liters MAC3

The MSP range is rich in many options, which allows these construction compressors to suit many user needs. MAC3's concern is to always offer the most efficient products and this requires technical developments.


Our design office therefore looked into the compressors MSP2000 (flow 2000 l/min), MSP2500 (flow 2500 l/min) and MSP3000 (flow 3000 l/min) in order to develop a new option: the aftercooler of integrated compressed air. This option is already available on MSP5000 compressors (compressor with a flow rate of 5000 l/min).

The advantages of the final compressed air cooler

When a compressor produces compressed air, it feeds on atmospheric air. This is always made up of water vapor and when the air is compressed, the water concentration increases.


In order to avoid the production of air laden with water molecules, treatment of the air is necessary in order to cool it, allowing the transformation of vapor into liquid (role of the exchanger), then to capture this water (role of the centrifugal water separator) and extract it from the air circuit.

An integrated option in the core of the compressor

The MAC3 design office has endeavored to integrate this option while not modifying the proportions of the compressors. The addition of the aftercooler does not penalize access to the vital parts of the compressor, thus maintaining its serviceability.


This option brings real added value to users of the MSP series compressors, thus enhancing the versatility and ability of these machines to suit the needs of the field.