Customer Support

A channel of MAC3 distributors as well as our engineers and service technicians are at your disposal to bring you immediate local assistance and high-quality support.


Consulting, expertise, training and assistance in compressed air technology make part of support we offer you. It is a result of the inherent customer-oriented culture developed by MAC3 and its channel.

Spare parts

MAC3 air compressors and tools are high-technology equipment designed for optimum output and long lifespan.


In order to keep performances and reliability of our equipment at a maximum level during the whole equipment lifetime, it is essential to use exclusively genuine MAC3 spare parts.


Only genuine MAC3 spare parts bring you benefits of manufacturer warranties.

Engineering solutions

MAC3 engineering team is your support for every compressed air project or installation. We can work together to match and meet your specific requirements.


We can develop together with our partners tailored compressed air solutions to match all your needs in compressed air technology.


Do not hesitate to contact us.